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Traditional Stockings for Christmas by Bauble Stockings

November 1st, 2022 · No Comments · Uncategorized

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and I’ve got a great company for you to support because of how much it supports others: Bauble Stockings

I’ve often wondered–when you look at pictures of Christmas fireplaces and see gigantic red and white stockings, were those stockings ever used for practical purposes?

Well, the answer is no. The tradition of hanging stockings by a mantel started with stories of the original Saint Nicholas. Legend has it that when he encountered a family that didn’t want to accept his gifts of charity, he would surreptitiously hide gold coins in places the family wouldn’t suspect, like down a fireplace or inside socks that were placed by the fireplace to dry.

It became a tradition in Europe for children to hang their socks by the fireplace to try, but as this tradition became popular, people started creating special stockings for ornamental purposes (as well as for practical purposes–the bigger the stocking, the more it could be stuffed).

Today, most stockings you’ll find are mass produced out of a factory in China, which kind of takes away a lot of what made stockings special.

That’s why I absolutely love the idea of Bauble Stockings. This is a company established out of Atlanta that produces absolutely gorgeous 100% hand-stitched stockings with festive and beautiful designs. Bauble Stockings is a great example of a company that gives, and gives, and gives, and gives.

The first “give” is to artisans in Haiti who hand-stitch every stocking through an organization called Good Threads Needlepoint, an organization that’s responsible and has brought a lot of good to Haiti in building up local communities by giving them meaningful pay for amazingly meaningful work.

The second “give” is to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter, where 5% of the profit of each sale is donated.

The third “give” it to a charity of choice for guest artists who create designs. 10% of profits go to these.

And the fourth “give” is you. You receive a beautiful keepsake that you can hang by your family’s fireplace, or which you can further give to someone else.


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