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Accurate Digital Bathroom Scale from Weight Gurus on Sale at Groupon

January 24th, 2015 · No Comments · Children's Charities

So I’ve been in the market for a scale since New Year’s. No, I didn’t make a New Year’s resolution this year. But my wife, who’s generally underweight, needs to gain weight, I of course perennially need to lose weight, and the one scale we have today is rickety, falling apart, and gives wildly inaccurate readings (which on certain days I welcome wholeheartedly).

I did research on the best bathroom scales to buy, and happily, one of the best reviewed ones happens to be from a company that also does good, called Greater Good. Specifically, they have a line of scales called Weight Guru that reviewers on Amazon love.

It happens this week that Groupon has a Weight Gurus scale on sale for the great price of $25.99.

Or if you miss the Groupon sale, Amazon has essentially the same model for $39.99.

The scales are largely the same. They both measure your weight, but break down your body composition into fat, lean mass, water weight, and bone mass. The scales both contain four weight sensors for extremely precise measurement, exact to within 0.1 pound. They uncannily are smart enough to know who (up to 8 people) is standing on the scale. Both have large, easily readable LCDs. And both can sync up to your Android or iPhone by displaying a QR code that you can scan into their free Weight Gurus app.

If the breakdown into fat isn’t that important to you, Amazon also has a more basic model that’s only $24.99.

There are few minor differences between these scales. Amazon’s has a blue backlight for low-light conditions. In addition, Amazon’s has a near little feature where it’ll say the amount of weight you gained or lost since the last time as opposed to the actual weight. And with Amazon, you’ll have a few more color options.

Aside from producing this scale that everyone seems to love, Greater Goods is a supporter of Love146, a charity that works to end child trafficking and exploitation; The Global Orphan Project, which works with local churches to provide care for orphaned and abandoned children in their communities; and Now Adopt, which assists families in covering the high cost of domestic and international adoptions.


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