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Another Great Gift for iPad owners: Handcrafted Cloth iPad Sleeves

December 12th, 2012 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

Here’s another fantastic product by Levenger. If the Thai Pad was a sofa for your iPad, you could consider this a sleeping bag for it.


This product is called a “Haiti PeaceQuilt”. It comes in red or green. Again, I love how this concept  take a centuries-old art and adapts it for the 21st century. The material is an amazing high quality, very sturdy and thick enough that it’ll protect your iPad from getting scratched and even from minor bumps and drops. If you, like me, are getting a little tired of the same, mass-produced, cheap quality made in China covers that companies left and right are churning out, this one is a refreshing change.

This beautiful, handcrafted quilt is unique (no two are the same). As you can see on the bottom of the picture above, the artist herself signs the quilt in thread, and you can almost feel the pride and joy of a job well done she must have felt at finishing it.

In recent years, the county of Haiti has seen some rough times, but it’s an amazing feeling to hold one of these in your hand knowing that a young woman in Haiti made it by hand especially for you. The women work under the auspices of humanitarian group Haiti PeaceQuilts, who works with about 100 women organized in quilting cooperatives around Haiti and instead of just giving them a handout, provides them training, materials, supplies, marketing assistance, and educational opportunities that allow them to produce things of real value and help end the cycle of poverty.


Purchasing one of these won’t just help PeaceQuilts continue it’s important mission. Levenger will also donate to the nonprofit Libraries Without Borders, which is also helping Haiti, to both establish and restore libraries in Haiti.

This and ThaiPad featured in the last post are among the most unique and useful gifts you can give to an iPad enthusiast. That your purchases will help those who need it only makes the gift more special. And not only will he or she thank you, so will his or her iPad. Here’s mine resting in peaceful slumber.

ipad cloth holder handcrafted

See Levenger for this and other great products.


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