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Auctions from PopCap, the makers of Bejeweled and Plants vs. Zombies, that help the Starlight Foundation

June 24th, 2011 · 1 Comment · Children's Charities, Starlight Starbright

If you haven’t heard of PopCap games, you’ve no doubt heard of some of its creations. Back in 2000, they released their first game, a little game called Bejeweled. I have a feeling that if you take all the hours that mankind has spent trying to align those little jewels, it’d add up to a couple millenia.

In the 21st century, PopCap is back at it. On a recent transcontinental airplane flight I was thrilled that my Continental flight had TV–until I found out that they have the audacity to charge for it! (This is why I switched to JetBlue years ago). Out of principle, I refused to pay. But what to do for those five hours? My girlfriend Lisa knew exactly what to do. She pulled out her ASUS Transformer and started to play the Android version of Plants vs. Zombies. The five hours flew by like nothing–and yes, Lisa saved the world’s brains several times from those pesky Zombies (she’s since finished all the levels). The whole ride I watched, mesmerized at her dexterity–and super jealous that I had never purchased it for my iPhone.

Anyway, after years and years of dispossessing the world of all its productive time, PopCap is giving something back to the world in a big way. From now until July 12, PopCap is running auctions that will benefit the Starlight Foundation, a terrific charity that provides entertainment, education and family activities for seriously ill children in the United States and their families, and Special Effect, a similar charity based in the UK.

plants vs zombies artIf you’re a fan of PopCap games, you will LOVE these auctions. There are sketches by PopCap artists of artwork used in designing the games (who wouldn’t want an original sketch of a moustached zombie gracing their living room). There are all sorts of drawings, prints, and other artwork up for grabs from PopCap’s most popular games, including the Plants vs. Zombies diorama pictured here.

Some of the items are just plain bizarre, like the hilarious, albeit somewhat creepy Peashooter costume, which fans of the game will readily recognize (peas not included). Another fantastic item is this personalized sketch, where a PopCap artist will draw whatever sketch you like, whether it’s you as a Plants vs. Zombie zombie (or plant), or you as a Peggle character, or a new undiscovered Bejeweled jewel.

The current round of auctions will last until Thursday, June 28, and then a third and final round will last until Tuesday, July 12. If like me you have someone in your life who’s a Plants vs. Zombies (or Peggle, or Bejeweled) fan, this is your chance to get truly one-of-a-kind artwork that helps a great cause.


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