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Durable Rubber Ball for Dogs

December 30th, 2012 · 1 Comment · Animal Causes

From the good folks at Planet Dog comes the Orbee-Tuff Glow for Good Ball.

rubber ball for dogs

It’s a 3″ ball (about the size of a baseball) that’s made of doggie-durable silicone. It is really, really bouncy–when I drop it on the ground it bounces back up almost all the way to where it started. If you have a dog that loves to run and chase balls, this one is sure to keep your dog entertained for a long time.

Not only that, it even has a nice minty flavor, so while your dog is chewing and slobbering all over it, he may even get some fresher breath out of it. There’s a little hole in the ball where like a Kong Toy you can put a doggie treat in to get your dog to spend hours and hours trying to get it out. I’d always thought it was cruel and unusual punishment to make it so hard for doggie to get a treat this way, but my sister (who’s a veterinarian) says that these kinds of toys actually provide good mental stimulation for dogs and helps them make use of their hunting instincts (check out the Orbee-Tuff Mazee for an especially great brain teaser for dogs).

The ball even glows in the dark–like any old glow-in-the-dark toy you can hold it up to a light for a few minutes and then toss it around in the dark, to make it easier for doggie to find at night. Like all Planet Dog toys, it’s non-toxic. The ball also seems pretty indestructible–Planet Dog even has a guarantee that reads “Did you know a dog has 42 teeth? Even so, we guarantee our product 100%. We’re that sure.” To clean it, just wash it well in some soapy water and it’ll come out just like new each time.

If you haven’t shopped at Planet Dog before, be sure to check them out. These aren’t your typical generic Hartz dog toys or Purina dog snacks. They’re ingenious, high-quality, and in many cases made in the USA products that will wow the most discriminating dog lover in your life.

While 2% of all Planet Dog purchases go to the Planet Dog Foundation which funds the training, placement, and support of dogs helping people in need, 100% of proceeds from this ball will go to the Foundation.

I also got a kick out of this sticker. No doubt you’ve seen those oval stickers on the backs of cars on the highways where the car owner wants to tell you what country he and his car have been in (a bit pretentious if you ask me). Well, Planet Dog sells a sticker that will let you tell the world where your allegiances lie.

woof sticker for car

For his first Christmas, I decided to give the Planet Dog ball to my sister’s new puppy Clancy. One thing you should know about Clancy is that no dog toy escapes his jaws. Here is a graveyard of dog toys that’s he’d gone through in just the last couple of weeks:

doggie toy graveyard

A moment of silence for Stuffed Porcupine, Honking Pig, Mr. Bill, Gumby (notice how his hands are chewed off), Rope Toy, and Stuffed Horse.

So my sister was happy that Clancy finally had a toy that was virtually indestructible. You can see a video of Clancy opening his Christmas present like a kid of Christmas morning and then instantly loving it.

Clancy then proceeded to play with the ball for a good half hour. For those who can’t get enough of ol’ Clancy, here are more videos of him playing with the ball in the dark, as well as somehow figuring out a way to get a treat from inside the ball.

From the looks of it, this tough ball is going to last a long, long time. Thanks to Planet Dog for doing the impossible: making a Clancy-proof toy!


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