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Elephant Poop Paper Roses – Really!

February 2nd, 2009 · 1 Comment · Conservation, Uncommon Goods

Want a really special gift for that really special someone for Valentine’s Day? Uncommon Goods is selling these beautiful paper roses made out of elephant dung.

What was that?

That’s right. These Elephant Poo Roses are made out of elephant dung. It’s from a company called, appropriately enough, The Great Elephant Poo Paper Company.

You’re either laughing or looking confusedly at your monitor right now, but read on and it’ll start to make more sense.

Elephant dung is one of the best sources of papermaking, because it’s filled with short-to-medium grained fibrous material, from things the elephants eat such asĀ grasses, bamboo and fruit. The processing of the waste material into fine paper is a careful process which results in paper which is COMPLETELY sanitary and completely odor-free. In fact, the company’s slogan is “We take the ‘OO’ out of poo”.

Aside from ending up with very stylish paper, there are other greatĀ benefits of this. It creates jobs and opportunity in developing areas such as Thailand, it is about the most eco-friendly recycling there is, and part of the proceeds of each gift is contributed to elephant welfare and conservation programs.

It’s not a gift for everyone, but for the lucky lady who cares about the world, there are few gifts that give more.


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