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Support Feral Cats Care with a T-Shirt

June 30th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Animal Causes, Zazzle

“Feral Cats” sounds like an exotic breed of cat, but in actuality, it refers to regular house cats who have become lost (or worse, abandoned by their owners) and are forced to revert to their instincts of the wild. It’s esimated that there are about 60 million feral cats in the United States.

The Feral Cat Caretakers Coalition was founded by Dona Cosgrove Baker. She saw the suffering of feral cats scattered over a large industrial area in Los Angeles. In thanks for her compassion, she endured abuse and scorn from the community.

She formed this organization to help others who provide care for feral cats, estimated to be about 17 million people. Because feral cats are in many cases unable to be brought back into a home enviornment, the approved humane treatment is called “TNR”, trap, neuter, release. Feral cats are trapped humanely, neutered or spayed, and then released back into their environment. It is a difficult and in many times thankless job, but one that helps some of the most helpless creatures around.

Buying a T-Shirt will help support this organization, but more importantly, read more about their mission, donate directly to them, or even volunteer to become a caretaker yourself.


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  • sprice59

    I have the honor of being a Mom to a previously feral cat! I adopted Pixie 5 years ago; she was found on the property of the Philadelphia SPCA. When captured she was about 3, had had 1 litter at least and was very scared and leery of people. She was farmed out to an organization that deals with hard to place cats. I found her at a street fair – she had been in a cage for about 8 months. She was dirty, had GI problems, highly fight or flight sensibilties and generally was miserable. I took her home, cleaned her up a little bit and gave her a room of her own for 2 weeks to settle into living in a house. She has never had a GI problem since, she now has a beautiful coat and while still struggles with her fight or flight, she gets better every day. I love her to bits – she has taught me how to be patient and love unconditionally. I treasure the experience.

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