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Get the same 2008 Olympics souvenirs and gear they're selling in China

July 7th, 2008 · 15 Comments · US Olympic Shop, USA Olympics

Can’t make it to Beijing for this year’s Olympic games? Never fear–for a fraction of what it’d cost you to fly to Beijing, you can shop from the comfort of your own home and buy Olympics souvenirs that they’re pushing each other out of the way to get in China! So sit back, and enjoy shopping from the comfort of your own computer, as thousands of others and climbing all over themselves in the crowded gift shops at the Olympics!

shop for the 2008 us olympics teamUSOlympicShop.Com is *the* official shop for the U.S.A. Olympics team. What this means is that not only do you have access to all the official Olympics souvenirs and gear that they’re selling in Beijing, a portion of your purchase will go directly to supporting our great athletes as they pursue their dream and honor our country.

They’ve got dozens of great official Olmypics souvenirs to choose from, but here are the top 10 favorites. These things have a knack of selling out and becoming collector’s items, so hurry before they’re gone!

The Top 10 Olympics Souvenirs
olympics mascots for all sports glassesicon

10. 38 shot glasses depicting the different sports.

This is a fantastic set of small frosted glassesicon, each showing the English name, the Chinese name, and the official mascot representing each of 38 different sports at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

It comes in a beautiful collector’s box suitable for display. I’d be shocked if this doesn’t sell out quickly!

9. Collection of Olympics mascots in Beijing.

olympic mascots 2008icon

Okay, you ready? BeiBei, JingJing, HuanHuan, YingYing, and NiNi. Remember these names, because these are the names of the five official mascots for the 2008 Beijing Olympicsicon.

Here’s some interesting trivia about these mascots:

  • Each of the mascots takes its colors from one of the five Olympic rings.
  • The mascots have traits of the four most popular animals in China: the fish (BeiBei), the panda (JingJing), the Tibetan antelope (YingYing), and the swallow (NiNi). The fifth mascot (HuanHuan) takes his traits from the Olympic flame.
  • Each mascot also reflects ancient and traditional Chinese designs and folk art that depict the five elements of nature: the sea, the forest, fire, earth, and sky.
  • The repetition of a monosyllabic name is a common way in China to express affection for little children.
  • When you put their names together, it forms the sentence “Bei Jing Huan Ying Hi”, which translates to “Welcome to Beijing” (or literally, “Beijing Welcomes You”)

This is a set of five small stuffed Olympic mascots, each about six inches high. Made of 2mm velboa material with polyester stuffing.

8. 2008 Olympics Hardcover Notebook

olympics hardcover journal
This is a spiralbound Hardcover Journal2008 olympics notebook with the official Beijing logo on the cover, and a pen included. Great for writing down your memories of the games, or as a memento to remember the games.

The Beijing 2008 logo is an interesting one. To most of us, it looks like the figure out a man running. But it also cleverly mimics the Chinese character “jing” (京), as in Beijing (北京), which happens to means “Northern Capital”.

The style is of a traditional Chinese seal or stamp, used as a signature in Chinese culture dating back thousands and thousands of years. When you look at ancient and modern Chinese paintings, you’ll recognize the seal in the corner of the paintings.

7. Beijing Olympics Pen and Pencil set

Olympics pen and pencil set
Here’s a great gift for a boss or co-worker, a birthday, graduation, or any other summer celebration.

It’s an Olympics souvenir pen and pencil seticon in a beautiful wooden case, engraved with the logo of the 2008 Summer Olympics.

The pen has black ink, and both it and the pencil are elegantly designed with gold trim.

6. Olympic Team Sports Bag
Olympics sports bagicon
If you’re like me, watching our talented USA Athletes swim, jump, run, dive, hit, spar, shoot, and do everything else during the Olympics has inspired you to get off your keester and start going to the gym!

Store all your equipment and clothes in this sturdy and stylish Team USA Olympics Sports Bagicon. It’s got a bottle holder, a very spacious main compartment, sturdy top handle, and even a handle on the side for taking out of a locker. And it’s a great way to show your support for Team USA.

5. Stylish Olympics Jacket from Ralph Lauren
polo olympics jacket

Ralph Lauren Polo is a sponsor of the US Olympic Team, which among other things means designing their official clothes. This is probably the most stylish of all of Polo wear at this year’s Olympics.

It’s an official Ralph Lauren Olympics Polo Jacketicon. It’s blue with red trim, 99% cotton, has the official Team USA logo, the familiar Polo horsie, and the words “Beijing” embroidered on the back.

4. Olympic Trading Pins!

If you’ve ever been to the Olympics (or to Disney World for that matter), you know that trading pins is an extremely, extremely popular event in itself. This year’s designs are amazing. Many of them are beautifully designed. Some have both Chinese and English writing on them. I’ve pasted a couple of my favorites below, but visit for the full set.


3. One World One Dream T-Shirt with Chinese and English writing.

one world one dream t-shirt
iconThe official slogan of the 2008 Beijing Olympics is “One World, One Dream”. This T-Shirt has the slogan written in both Chinese and Englishicon, along with the official logo for the Olympics.

For those of you interested in the pronunciation and transliteration of the Chinese phrase, it’s Tong Yi Ge Shi Jie Tong Yi Ge Meng Xiang, or “together one world, together one dream”. Tong means “together”, Yi Ge means “one of”, Shi Jie means “world”, and Meng Xiang means “to dream”.

If you prefer, you can also get the classic T-shirt with just the logoicon.

2. Team USA Jackets as worn in the Olympic village


When you watch TV, keep an eye out for the members of the US Olympic Team in the Olympic Village. You’ll see them all wearing this very stylish Team USAmen’s track jacketicon or women’s track jacketicon, by Nike. Emblazoned on the back of the jacket are the large letters “USA”. On the front is a stylish “V” shape, along with the logo of the US Olympic Team and “Beijing 08” underneath it and of course the Nike “swoosh” subtly placed on the left chest.

1. 2008 US Olympic Team Medal stand caps


When you’re watching your favorite Team USA athletes on the medal stands accepting their gold, silver, and bronze medals, you’ll see them wearing these caps to show their pride in their team and their country.

Get your own Medal Stand Capicon or white Admiral Capicon and show your pride and your support too!


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