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Gulf Oil Spill 2010 Clean Up — With Hair?

May 22nd, 2010 · No Comments · Conservation

UPDATE: This subject has gotten a lot of attention after a lot of buzz (no pun intended) in the press. Unfortunately, as with many stories like this, it turns out to have been too good to be true. Engineers and NOAA experts heading up the Gulf Oil spill cleanup announced that the use of booms made of hair is simply not feasible. Commercial booms were shown to absorb more oil than hair booms, and hair booms were subject to sinking when waterlogged and/or breaking up, which could cause more damage than it could solve.

So, disregard the post below. It was a well-intentioned gesture, but at the end of the day, not practical. The question now is, what do they do with the half million pounds of hair they collected already?!

The best way to support cleanup efforts in the Gulf continues to be donating money directly to the best ecological and conservations charities serving the Gulf area.

If you have hair to spare, consider donating it to Locks of Love or Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

An ecological charity in San Francisco has come up with somewhat of a brilliant idea to try to help what continues to be a devastating oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico (which as of this writing is still not completely contained).

Most people who have taken a shower in the morning know that hair attracts oil like a magnet. Well, the same principle applies to petroleum oil too.

So, this organization is calling on salons, groomers, wool and alpaca fleece farmers, and individuals to donate their hair, their pets’ fur, waste wool, clippings, and nylons.

I should say, if you have long locks of beautiful Rapunzel-like hair, you should consider instead another kind of hair donation, such as to Locks of Love. But if your hair is nothing to write home about (like mine), this is a great way to put it to some use. And be sure to tell all your friends who are salon owners and/or alpaca farmers!


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