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Nature Christmas Cards 2010 from the National Wildlife Federation

August 3rd, 2010 · 2 Comments · Conservation

October 2010 Update:
The National Wildlife Federation is offering the following special if you order 2010 Christmas Cards from now until October 15:

Don’t Let $5 Off + Free Shipping Pass You By. Shop Now! Expires Oct.15!

If you missed out on the previous special for these beautiful holiday cards, jump on this one. Christmas is coming sooner than you think!

Oh the weather outside is frightful. Well, okay, at the time of this writing it’s 90 degrees and humid, so it’s frightful, but not quite like in the song.

But if you’re responsible for corporate purchases for your company, it’s not too early to start planning for your fourth quarter spending, which of course means Christmas cards.
Or, if you’re someone making a personal purchase for you and your family who doesn’t want to put off until tomorrow (or the last week of December) what you can do today, read on.

The National Wildlife Federation has just opened up its site to sell Christmas Cards for 2010. When we featured their 2009 cards last year it was a big hit, but of course this year brings special significance due to the Gulf Oil spill. The National Wildlife Federation is one of the leading charities helping clean up the aftermath of the environmental disaster.

The cards, of course, have some of the most beautiful  nature photography and illustrations you’ll find anywhere and come in a classy foil-lined envelope. And of course, proceeds will help their ongoing efforts to save wildlife.
Here are my personal favorite designs:
  1. The Peeking Cub Card is a cute card with a polar bear cub peeking out from under the  security of momma polar bear.
  2. I admit, I’m a sucker for a beautiful winter scene, and Heaven on Earth card is one of the most beautiful peaceful winter paintings I’ve seen.
  3. Plant a Tree Cards are three gifts in one. You can give the card, an pewter ornament that you can hang on the tree, and a real tree will be planted in your recipients’ honor to help wildlife and prevent soil erosion.
  4. Snowy River Card is another beautiful scene of snow on a river on a winter day.  This is one of the National Wildlife Federation’s  “zero waste cards”, meaning that after the recipient enjoys it, instead of throwing it out they can send it in a prepaid, stamped envelope to be used immediately in another product’s manufacturing.
  5. The Red Bridge Card is another beautiful winter scene.
  6. Festive Grove Card is yet another beautiful winter scene (I told you I was a sucker for great scenery). A snow-covered line of trees is covered in red and gold embossed foil ornaments.
If you’re an individual , save $7 if you order before August 31!Given that a lot of these cards run out due to high demand, think about ordering them early and beating the rush.
The National Wildlife Federation offers special rates and personalization options for corporate purchases. In 2010, there’s no better way to thank and impress a client or employee this year of all years.


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