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Fiji Water Home Delivery Discount Coupon Code / Promotional Code

March 5th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Developing Areas

Fiji Water Home Delivery Discount

I started drinking Fiji Water a few years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those snooty celebrity water snobs. I just happen to like the clear, clean taste of their water more than tap water or bottled water like Aquafina which is basically filtered tap water. There’s also something pretty cool about drinking water that came from an island in the South Pacific. Just as exotic as water from the French Alps, and much more exotic than a spring in Maine The back of the square bottle talks about how rainwater in Fiji filters through volcanic rock and collects into a pristine aquifer to provide the source of the water. I’m not sure how true that all is, but it works for me.

Companies that sell water make a huge profit margin, of course. After all, they’re selling water! But one nice thing about about Fiji Water is that they do give back to their community. They provide clean water access to a number of villages around their water source, and partnered with the Rotary Club to fund Pacific Water for Life, which helps provide infrastructure, expertise and skills to deliver clean water to 100 more communities. They also employ and provide training and education to over 300 Fijians. They also founded the Fiji Water Foundation which focuses on education, infrastructure, and health and sanition in Fiji, and support a number of charities in North America.

Fiji Water isn’t a non-profit organization, not by a longshot. But it is nice to see a corporation giving back to the extent that it does.

While Fiji Water is ridiculously expensive when you purchase it in a store, you can have Fiji Water delivered to your home for about $1.15 a bottle when you order an annual subscription at and enter code LS30 in the field that says Coupon Code / Promotional Code (optional). This will give you 30% off the price, with free shipping. It sure beats having huge backbreaking jugs of Poland Spring delivered every month. 🙂


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